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if done correctly can yield great results

Building Sustainability and Diversity within our local community!

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About Calabasas Business Club

Although our everyday business conduct has changed due to the pandemic, our collective spirit and resolve to  rebuild our economy and our community has not.
Calabasas Chamber of Commerce's first Business to consumer networking group is "Active" now.
Non Category exclusive, Calabasas Business Club is unconventional networking with the intent to build an effective and trustworthy relationship with the community residents as
well as the businesses in order to formulate a strong and  productive alliance.
CBC and it's business members strongly believe in and intend to promote it's slogan of "Building Sustainability and Diversity within our local community!"
Please browse the website for more information and if you  have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Club's Services

Office Conference

As our valued site visitor, we would like to invite you to review the local Business Criteria that are presently available to you. All of our service providers are "Active" members of the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce.

Once you find the business category you are looking for, click on "Contact us", fill out the form and click "Submit".
A member of our management team will get back to you with a short list of the local businesses which are active members of the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce.
You can review the vendor list provided to you, choose your preferred vendor from the list, and contact them directly.

We do however request that you inform and include the Calabasas Business Club in your initial contact with your preferred vendor by using the email address which will be provided to you. The main purpose of this request is to ensure the quality and integrity of the final results.

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